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    Game & Forum related Suggestions

    In this section you might share your thoughts on how we could improve our server as well as forums. Take as your top priority that no suggestion should ever be made with the intent of personal gain whatsoever as the end result will be a change to and for everyone.

    Whenever creating a new suggestion don't forget to select one of the following prefixes in your thread's title, based on your suggestion:
    [Game] for ingame,
    [Forum] for forum or
    [Server] for both.

    The format you should follow is:
    Make sure you follow the proper format, your suggestion is well explained and Pros/Cons are included. This will help us to understand how your suggestions will help our forum/game/server improve and what will be the benefits.

    The procedure that will be followed with your suggestions is:
    - Worthy and well explained suggestions will be approved by forum Moderators.
    - Suggestions that have been approved will remain open for 1 week to collect community's opinion.
    - After that week the suggestions will be closed. If the majority of the community agrees,

    • the suggestions will be forwarded to our HGMs for evaluation every month (Game/Server suggestions).
    • Forum Seniors will evaluate it and implement it, if possible (Forum Suggestions).

    For Game/Server Suggestions:
    - When the evaluation is done the suggestions will be forwarded to Admin Nocturnal for the final approval.
    - HGMs will update the thread if a suggestion was approved and will be implemented or not.

    Why my suggestion was not approved?
    - It was previously suggested before (within less than 6 months time).
    - It lacks the creativity for an upgrade.
    - It was not clearly explained and neither its final intentions.
    - The procedured required to distinguish game-to-forum-to-server suggestion was not posted.
    - Proper format was not followed.

    When it comes to agreeing or disagreeing to a suggestion you must also state the reason behind your opinion. Failure to follow this will have as result your post to be deleted and you will be warned or infracted accordingly.

    Thank you,
    ZMU Staff.
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