This is HGM Kaideus and it is my honor to inform you that
It will be a battle for supremacy to be the top of each Class. This tournament is not only 1 day but it will be run for 4 days. We have made some changes and we are as well give some special prize for you guys!

In order to participate in this tournament. Please register HERE.


  • NPC bought Sets are the only set allowed for this DMC.
  • All participants must be ready 5 minutes prior to every match in any rounds;
  • Participants will be warped in Dungeon Octagon Cage to fight their respective opponents;
  • If a participant fails to show up within the 5 minutes waiting period, he will be automatically be disqualified as soon as the host has announced via Global Chat "TIME IS UP". No more and no less even if the participant goes online a few seconds after the waiting period;
  • If a participant is/was disconnected for any kind of reason during a match, the disconnected participant is given 5 minutes to reconnect. Whatever is the score before a participant is disconnected will still be the score after the disconnected participant has reconnected;
  • If a participant is/was disconnected for the 2nd time, the participant is considered disqualified. This rule applies to all rounds of DMC;
  • To avoid the pilot issue, participants must have 1 IP and Mac address from first round to the final match, if a change in Mac or IP is detected, it will lead to disqualification.
  • Every participants must diligently wait for the "GO" signal of the host before moving or charging towards their opponent;
  • Once the host has given the "GO" signal to attack your opponent, there shall be no reason to stop a match even if one participant is experiencing lag or delay while the other has stable connection unless a bug or glitch occurs caused by the server and not by exploits; and
  • Warping after the "GO" signal is strictly prohibited. Doing so will merit a participant a warning. If a participant warped for the second time, the opponent will be rewarded a point. If done repeatedly despite the warning, the participant will be disqualified and the opponent will advance to the next round.
  • To avoid using of cheats or hax we will require every participant to send a video recording for every match they will participate in. In the event that winner of the match fail to submit a valid video, his opponent for the next round will automatically advance to next round. Should no winning participant submit a valid video recording there will be no champion for that class.


The following are strictly prohibited and in no case shall be allowed:

a. Any X-Shop Buffs;
b. Muun pets (First and Second Slot);
c. Miscellaneous potions that gives your character a buff or additional stats such as but not limited to, Potion of Bless, Potion of Soul, Ale, Halloween Buffs, etc.;
d. Changing of ML while the match is on going;
e. Pets such as but not limited to, Imp, Angel, Demon, Fenrir, Dinorant, Unicorn, etc.;
f. Teleport, Illusion, Mana Shield, and Nova for SM;
g. Shadow Step skill of Elf;
h. Dark Horse Stomp of DL;
i. Life Swell and Shield for BKs;
j. All types of pentagrams (T1, T2 and T3);
k. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen Exotic Weapons and Shield;
l. Blessed Divine AA Weapons, Dark Angel Weapons, Holy Angel Weapons, Soul Weapons, X-shop and Instant Donate site weapons;
m. Wings such as but not limited to, Liberty Wings, Vanquisher Wings, 2nd wings, 3rd wings, 4th wings etc.; and
n. Excellent Arrow and Bolt whether FO or not, with or without Yellow option;
o. Changing of Weapon, Sets, Shield, Accessories, and Wings during the match;
p. Using shield skill for for all class.
q. Items that gives you additional stats and all other effects such as but not limited to, Wiz Ring, Ring of Destruction, Ring of Glory and the like. Transformation rings are also not allowed.


- Only Weapons bought in NPCs are allowed in this DMC
- Only allowed accessories are APPU/SPPU and any EARRINGS (Rage or Ancestor);
- Only wings allowed are NPC bought wings;
- Only DLs are allowed to use their Dark Horse Pet;
- DL, SM, GL, MG and RW are the only class that is allowed to use Shield;
- MGs may choose to use dual sword or use Shield;
- Shields used by participants should be NPC bought shield as well;
- If a kill is done before the "
GO" signal, the point will go to the other participant, as long as the other participant did not retaliate;
- Both participants must be in their respective corners before the "
GO" signal;
- Both participants must change corners every after round of their match;
- Participants shall not move while the host starts counting. Moving while the host is counting will merit a participant a warning;
- If both participants died, no points will be counted and the current round will be restarted;
- You may have prohibited items, pets, or potions inside your inventory, but in any case, you are not allowed to use it. If found guilty of using prohibited items, pets, or potions, the erring participant shall be disqualified.
- Macros such as Razer, Logitech, Dragon War, Steelseries, and the like are allowed;
- Software macros such as Jitbit, Robosoft, and the like are allowed as well.
- Yellow options are not allowed in any gear.
- Increasing the item level of NPC bought items are not allowed;
- increasing the
"Additional Option" using Jewel of Life or via Blacksmith in website is not allowed;
- Participants who registered more than one character will be disqualified.


- The winning participant has 24 hours to submit the video of him winning the event;
- If the winning participant submitted his video beyond the24
hours uploading period, he will be disqualified;
- Video must
start from GREEN LAUNCHER. Do not open ZMU client from main.exe. You can hide your username and password by dragging down your client in task bar. Click HERE to see how you do it;
- All videos submitted are
kept highly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone nor shared to the public for any reason except for Cheat Management Team to review and assess the video if all rules were followed and to see if there were any suspicious applications, programs, software, and the like, used in the video;
- Hidden Icons, installed applications, and task manager shall be shown in the video;
Processes, Apps, Background processes, Performance, App history, Startup, Users, Details, and Services running in 32-bit shall be shown in the video using "Open File Location." For other Operating System, you must show all tabs of your task manager;
- Sounds of the client must be
Show Inventory, Show gear (Set, Weapon, Accessories, Wings), Muun Inventory, and Character Stats;
Videos must not be edited or cropped. Doing so will result into automatic disqualification regardless if all other rules were followed.
- Task Manager shall not be minimized as soon as the video has started;
Do not delete your video or set your video in Private. You may however set it to Unlisted;
- If your video is about to end, you must immediately inform the host and call for a time-out; If the host has already given the "
GO" signal and your video was cut short, the match score will be counted and we will not re-do the round;
- Senior staff and CMT will review the submitted video;
- If the match is over and you failed to record a video regardless of any reason, no re-match will take place.
- If any of the herein stated rules are broken, the winning participant is disqualified. The rules are strictly implemented and enforced!

sample bracket

  • Quarter Final Match is Race to 3
  • Semi Final Match is Race to 5
  • Final Match is Race to 7 (Video is a Must)
  • A Thread will be prepared to set a Date of your matches against each player in the Group
  • For the final Match GM Will Assist

(Final Match) Wait for the “GO” Signal of the GM before Moving/Attacking

How to Participate:

  • A Duelist must have at-least "1 Winning Duel" to participate
  • Take Screenshot when you won
  • Screenshot MUST be the DUEL you WON

Character Name:
Opponents Name & Date of Each Duel: (Example: Kaideus - July 13, 2022)
DMC Registration: HERE

Winner's Will Recieve Exclusive Tag


And Recognition for DMC Champs! You will See your Character name with your picture and Guild on our Website!

Claim your prizes and send the video:

Prize for every class winner is