Chatbox Event ~ September

New Month, New Chatbox Event! You are all Welcome to Join & WIN!
PS: Sure WIN!

Everyone can Join & Win except ZhyperMU Staff
No limit in Winning! Join & Win as much as you can
Each win will be rewarded with VIP Points / Credit Points / Jackpot Prize
Jackpot can be claim immediately, rounds will be hosted Weekly

All you need to do is to catch up our Forum Staff Hosting Daily Rounds inside ChatBox.
Rounds can be Hosted by:
Test Moderators , Moderators
Lead Moderator Community Manager
There will be 5 Rounds per day.
For Jackpot there will be 10 Rounds per week.

55 VIP Points or 100 Credit Points per round

Each Winner will be mentioned here so you'll be able to Request the Prize after.

Please do not forget that you have 1 WEEK to claim your prize or else it will be forfeited.


Hardcore Tag ~ 1 Month

Daily Wins
Round Winner Prize User ID Hosted By

Date Winner Prize Host

This Thread will keep open for any kind of Questions / Inquiries
Good luck, Zhyperians!