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Thread: [MAJOR] Zhyper Auction House

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    [MAJOR] Zhyper Auction House

    Hello Zhyperians!

    This is your HGM Ploussy
    happy to bring back this super cool event to you guys. I know most of you are familiar with this event.

    Zhyper Auction House!

    Every 24 Hours there will be a new round and items to be auctioned will be added on this post's table.
    It's automatic unlocked when the round ends. Item's value will be higher each round.
    In order to participate you must read the following Mechanics and Rules of this Event:
    If you place a bid for an item, you must be able to pay the price. There will be consequences if you place a false bid.

    No matter what the bid is, the highest bid will win the item.

    You will need a minimum of 20 Post Counts to participate, as well as 1 Month Forum Membership.

    The item will be placed directly in your vault once the Black Pets or Gold Pets are paid. The Senior Staff member attending this event will instruct you on how to claim it.

    The Black Pets or Gold Pets from your bid must be inside your vault. These accounts must not be permanently banned.

    Proof of account ownership for all accounts must be provided at the time of the final request. This proof will be in the shape of locking and unlocking each of the accounts involved in this transaction to make sure that the accounts are not stolen.

    Every time the auction house is open a set or item will be put of for bidding. They will start at a minimum price, and players will bid on how much they are willing to pay for this item in BLACK PETS and GOLDPETS. The highest bidder at the end of 24 hours since the event being opened will win the bid, and will be instructed by the attending senior on how to complete the transaction.

    In order to bid please fill this in and post it in the thread:
    Item Bid for:
    Bid Amount:
    Main Character Name:


    # of Days/Rounds # of Days/Rounds Starting Bid Final Bid Winner
    Round/Day 1 Talisman of Ultimatum (5Pcs) 30 Blackpets or 3 Goldpets 3GP + 3BP FEDEXX
    Round/Day 2 S12 Of Choice 35 Blackpets or 3.5 45 Blackpets MRAHC
    Round/Day 3 Dark Angel Weapons - BK 50 Blackpets or 5Goldpets 50 Blackpets MRAHC
    Round/Day 4 Tier 4 Set - ELF 50 Blackpets or 5 Goldpets 6 Goldpets RoUGaL
    Round/Day 5 Dark Angel Weapons - ELF 60 Blackepts or 6 Goldpets 7 Goldpets + 2 Blackpets RoUGaL
    Round/Day 6 HAS 50 Blackpets or 5 Goldpets 11 Goldpets + 8 Blackpets Omskrt
    Round/Day 7 Tier 1 Set - MG (MUREN) 70 Blackpets or 7GP 7 Goldpets -+1 Blackpet XeroKiryu

    The table will be updated and announce the winner after each round.

    Red Text = Already Sold.
    Green Text = Currently on Auction
    Orange Text = To be Announced
    Yellow Text = Winners

    Good luck everyone and thank you for your continuous support for our server!


    For the winner of the Auction House please fill up this form :

    PS: Follow the rules and if you notice anything wrong please report it.
    PSS: Trolling, Fooling or Spamming at this thread could give you an infraction and/or delete all your post of this thread.

    Credits to the Original thread event by former Assist Admin Holmes
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