BET: 3Gpet = 3 Gpet
SET: T4 vs T5
Place: Varka Map
Rules: Race to 10

1. Both sides are not allowed to chose their own player/players(pilots).

2. No cheats or any kinds of 3pp from website or other sources.

3. Razer, Robosoft and virtual keyboard are both allowed.

4. WTFast is allowed as some players doesn't have good internet connection.

5. Both Sides must provide recorded videos.
6. Start from the green launcher, to show the task manager(do it as slow as possible, so it can be check properly, and show clearly) and wait till it fully load all the applications.

7. When your video stop, you must redo all the steps from the begging and record it again, otherwise you will be disqualified.

8. All hidden icons must be shown(once or as many times you wanted) (all application will be shown in task manager, so does not required once you show it) Once this one didi'nt follow the opponent will be Auto Win

9. No dual desktop

10. No buffs from other players(Only your own buff crit for DL and swell for BK)

11. No Arca Buff

12. No Enhancement(x buff, ale, potion of bless/souls)

13. T4 or T5 SET ONLY
14. All weapons are allowed( with YO or without), BK can only use two weapon (NO SHIELD),
15. Changing weapons/set/shield during the game are allowed.

16. No pentagram.

17. No ring of wizard and no grudge ring.

18. Once both sides finish sorting out the bets( it will be posted on forum for the assistance of a GM to hold all the bets by both sides).

19. Bets should be given to the GM for safety purposes.

20. If the bet was not given to the GM the duel bet is cancel/frozen/invalid.

21. Cancellation of duel once the bets were given to the GM, the side who cancel would lose the duel bet automatically.

22. The recorded Videos must be posted within 24 hours time after the duel finish, so it could be review by everyone. NO videos within 24 hours after the fight/duel finish means that you automatically lose the bet without question, which mean that the other side will win automatically with or without reviewing the other sides videos.