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Thread: Fire set vs (new) blood angel set

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLegacy View Post
    BA is too op atm they kill SO set with shield like its nothing...
    its because you guys havent upgraded to tetra sockets yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E L L O I View Post
    bwahahahaha As expected :P
    When Lvltype set came , it make this Legend bored on playing before because its dominating and you never heard any complains about him and he's just afking in Loren saying 'Duel Classic battle no Lvl' >.<

    Missed you lFlyingl @MeoMeo
    I know the truth that Tier era for BM ended in Season 8, but lets see what we can get herein S10
    BA set has nice options, but its still ugly and make my BM fat AF.
    Well if I get time, you ll see me again with that Classic Duel invite :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeoMeo View Post
    When 5lvl set came, you guys didnt complain. We Tier2 users were like wtf against new killer set
    When BA set comes, why you guys complain alot? Your lvl set cannot stand against new Tier? ^^
    That's the point. When Fire Sets, Lightning Sets, have been up for grabs,
    No one complains and go with the flow but now that A Set is stronger than Lvl type ?
    Of course it's stronger because it's the newer set, But to be honest it still needs to be adjust
    a Little, and wait for the administration to do it. SOCKETED SETS + KILLER does have
    Damage and Defense, Blood Angel Sets only have Damage and they are very squishy

    There will always be better than the old one Because we are a game that have "Season Update"

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