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    [EVENT]Football Royale

    Hello there Zhyperians,
    The Game Master Team is here to bring the 4th series
    of our December Special Events today, called:

    The Royale clash of Football will be held on December 23
    right after Castle Siege
    on Non-PvP Server 2


    -First 2 Guilds to show up on our call will be chosen to participate
    (teams will be picked on Server 4, and we will move to Server 2 for the match)

    -Each team will have 5 members
    (once chosen as participants, you ought to create a dummy guild, and members will join)

    -To play the Match, you will use the /soccerbattle command
    (guild master to guild master)

    -Each match will have a approx time of 25 minutes

    -Each team will have 5 warnings maximum
    (if a team reaches maximum warnings, will be disqualified)

    -Each goal is equal to 20 points

    -Whichever Guild scores the 100 points first will win


    -No pets allowed, even Dark Horse

    -No gears, including Set/Weapon/Shield/Wing

    -Strictly no skill use
    (if a player used skill, will receive a warning)

    -If a player disconnects, match will pause for 3 minutes
    (if the player doesnt return on said time, team will conitnue the match)

    -Party buffs only

    -Got to START when GM/Referee says GO

    -Got to STOP when GM says STOP
    (if a player keeps moving after STOP sign, will be penalized by 1 warning)

    If a Team fails to comply the rules, disqualification awaits


    Saturday, 23th December after Castle Siege


    -Each member of the winning Team will receive:

    1 Black Pet

    (Dont forget to take Screenshot when your team is announced on Global Chat)

    Make sure to read the Instructions carefully, and most of all,
    Lets all have some fun together.

    Banner Credits goes to: @Brand
    I thank you on behalf of the Game Master Team
    for this awesome banner.


    Head Game Master

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