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Thread: [EVENT]The Triangle of Death

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    [EVENT]The Triangle of Death

    Well hello there amazing Zhyperians?
    How ya`ll doing?
    The Game Master Team is here tobring another of our special events for December Month

    This event will take place on the Varka Map
    Right after the 2nd Castle Siege of December 9



    -It will be a team fight of 3 vs 3 on Server 4

    -Teams will consist of 3 different classes

    -We will pick the the participants via Question In-Game

    -Rounds of Event will be decided upon the situation

    -Winning team will be decided on best of 3 matches

    -If your team wins, dont forget to take screenshot of
    the announcement!

    Rules and Regulations:

    -Strictly forbidden to use any kind of 3PP or /vipnopk command

    -Only Dark Lords and Wizards are allowed to use Shield
    (Defense skill is forbidden)

    -Wizards are not allowed to use Teleport Skill
    (its actually disabled on Varka :p)

    -No pets allowed, except Dark Horse of Dark Lords

    -Party buffs only

    -Reconnecting is necessary

    -If disconnected for more than 5 minutes, remaining member will fight on

    -Participated Teams cannot join the next rounds
    (well changing class/character is not forbidden though)

    -Fight starts on GO Signal

    -No wandering around, fight face to face

    If a Team fails to comply the rules, disqualification awaits


    Saturday, 9 June after Castle Siege


    -Each member of the winning Teams will have
    1 Black Pet

    Make sure to read the Instructions carefully, and most of all,
    Lets all have some fun together.

    Banner Credits goes to: @Brand
    I thank you on behalf of the Game Master Team
    for this awesome banner :)


    Head Game Master

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