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    ZhyperMU Season 10 Test Server

    Season 10 Public Test Realm is now Available @ Server 13 ONLY

    Season 10 Full Client Download (1GB File Size)

    Download Mirror 1: Download via Drop Box

    Download Mirror 2: Download via MediaShare

    Download Mirror 3: Download via Google Drive

    Download Mirror 4: Download via Mega

    Season 10 Small Client No Sound & Music (750mb File Size)

    Download Mirror 1: Download via Google Drive

    Anti Lag by Aria (Optional Download)

    Download Mirror 1: Direct Download - 10mb

    * To Equip Dark Horse or Fenrir you just need to right click it from your inventory you dont need to equip it anymore, this also means that you can use horse + demon or imp or Fenrir + Demon or Imp at the same time!

    * You will get MuuN Pets from Egg Drops from White Rabbit or New Map in Nars Boss, Drop the Egg to hatch a random pet and press Y to open MuuN Inventory, you can see all your Pets by pressing Y

    * How to do Grow Lancer Quest

    1. Marlon Ring of Honor
    2. Barracks Priest Devin Quest

    You dont need Priest Sevina Quest for Grow Lancer, You will Start with Dark Stone on Marlon Quest then Directly to Priest Devin @ Barracks

    * Items in Test Server Stays in Test Server, You cannot bring your items or any data in Live Server. This test server is temporary until we do test and finally patch our Live Server.

    We will be doing few days public test before deploying Season 10 in our live server to make sure we will not have any surprise incompatibility issues or any critical bugs that might affect live game play.

    All accounts may enter the Public Test Realm and any player activity in Test Server will never affect the Live Server Database.

    The database we will be attaching in our test server is November 21 Copy.

    We have added test items for Grow Lancer on Lorencia NPC

    This test will take few days until we make sure we dont have any major issues when we go Live.

    For those you will download and join our Public Test Realm will NOT need to re-download again when we go live, this is your Advance Download and we will just issue final live patch.

    Reports Bugs or Glitches Here:


    * Font error, All text showing in box.

    - Solution: In your game folder you will see NoFontFix folder, open that and right click the font file and click Install then open your game again.

    Thank You,
    ZhyperMU Team
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