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    [EVENT]Pick your Lucky Color

    Hello, This Event is unique Since we have a lot of common events let make it easy and be more fun to everyone.

    This Event is based all in TV - Game show

    There will be 3 colors of GM Light blue, Hero, Killer

    These 3 colors are gonna be jumbled and be distributed to any GMs it depends on their coordination who

    will be assign to their colors and who will Carry The Prizes and the Unlucky one.

    2 GM will Carry Amazing Prizes and one Will Carry Nothing. So Winners Should pick Wisely.

    Now How it goes?


    GM's Will Host Random Events Hide and seek, PVP, Q and A, Math and a Lot more

    Now There will be only 3 winners, and if they won they will be warped

    into a certain map where they can see the 3 GM's With Different Colors,

    Now All of them are Winners. Now 2 GM Carry their Prizes and 1 has none.

    So Winners Should Pick Wisely By Trading Those GMs Whoever Trade it well will get the Prizes.

    One will get Nothing Considering 2 Winners with prize.


    GM's Will Tell you the Rules Depending on the Event. IF PVP EVENT It will apply PVP Rules
    No Shield for BK, No Teleport for SM No pets Except DL etc.


    50 Jewels of your Choice For The Lucky One

    30 Jewels of your Choice for the Lucky Two.

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