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Thread: CharID: Vangdarg / AccountID: Myharkenz

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    CharID: Vangdarg / AccountID: Myharkenz

    As I stated, the video report after I re-analyzed it more was due to the lag of the reporter.
    Even though his potion intake was constant, it doesn't mean anything when you lag.

    The reporter disabled TCPAckFrequency(I do know all of you guys also use those with TCPNoDelay) in order for packets to be sent/recv immediately and swiftly.
    It does however, gives more stress to your throughoutput on your internet.

    Without any stable connection(and unit), it makes disabling nagle algorithm useless and/or worse which was the case of the report(it's NOT the reporter's fault, just net being stupid).

    So I've overriden the protocol(which is needed) and unbanned the whole account, the real account owner's mark(3pp status) is erased and warned him not to lend the account(or accounts) to the said person.

    You've been warned, you're lucky I checked it again and you had a huge break.

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