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    [EVENT]Santa's Challenge

    Hello all its me Event for incoming X-mas
    The Event will be done on 24.12 on X-max Day

    Event information
    The Event is non-pvp
    Fide and trade small Santa ho will hide in some map
    The map name will be only say no clue no other Help
    If someone Find me he will get 1 items what will be need for next part of the Event
    The next part will be
    Fide and party

    When the winner of the 1 part will party GM He will need give the item What he get from the first part of event

    That will give him Permission to join the Final Part of the Event
    The Final part of the Event will be

    Bring me Event and when the player ho win 2 part of the Event will bring the 2 Items
    1st items is that one what he get from gm

    The 2nd item is the one what he will need to Bring me when It’s done
    The player will win the Event

    There will be 3 place in this Event

    1st place = 300 CREDIT POINTS
    2nd place = 200 CREDIT POINTS
    3rd place= 100 CREDIT POINTS

    1st part of Event
    10 Rounds

    2nd part of Event
    5 Round

    3rd Part of Event the Final
    3 Round

    The Final 3 Round will give as the winner of the Event

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