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    [EVENT] Protect the Game Master's Treasure

    Hello everyone, we are proud to release a new & exciting event that will be hosted weekly every saturday after Castle Siege by Game Masters and Head Gamer Masters/Seniors in order for you guys to create more strong bonding with staffs and enjoy our server's events, We present you the...

    " Protect the GM's Treasure"

    Here is how this event will go

    There will be two teams, each one made from 5 players and one team needs to defend the Game Master's Treasure store while the other team needs to steal it and by stealing means to kill every last standing defensive player from the team who defenses the treasure, same goes for the other team, until all members from the team of stealing aren't dead the team can not steal the Game Master's treasure.

    - Participating players will be chosen by a questions
    - 10 Players will be chosen for the event to start. Team Alpha and Team Omega
    - A Game Master will be holding a treasure in his store and Team Alpha needs to defend it from Team Omega who try to steal.
    - Players at the same Team are free to Party.
    - Teams will be given Two (2) Minutes to decide who's gonna be in the Alpha or Omega.
    5 Players Defense
    5 Players Offense
    - Alpha Team will protect the Items on your GM's Store.
    - Omega Team will be the Team who will try to win against Alpha & Steal the Opposing Team's Treasure.
    - This event will be hosted every *Saturday after Castle Siege at 10pm GMT+8

    - Event is Hosted in Server 4 on September 17, 2016


    - No using of 3PP or Hacks (Caught player may result to ban )

    - No using Pet's ( Except Dark Horse for Dark Lord's )

    - 5 Minutes Disconnected will be disqualified

    - Only Dark Lords and Wizards are allowed to use Shields

    - No Mace /Stun's are allowed

    - No using VIP Commands such as /vipnopk

    - No teleport skill for Wizard's

    - No Running

    - You should wait for GO Signal

    - No teleporting spell for SM

    Staff hosting the current event:

    Game Masters:

    Head Game Masters/Seniors:

    Rules Must be followed accordingly. Any violation of rules will result to disqualification.

    *We will announce which Server we will be hosting 3 Days prior to the date of Event!.

    Every one is invited to join except staff members! give your best & have fun guys and girls.

    ZhyperMU Team

    *Credits for the fully idea to Head Game Master Amuskol
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