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    ChatBox Rules

    Hello Everyone,

    It may be used only by All user groups except Registered Members and Zhyper Veterans. Using the Chatbox indicates that you agree to the following:

    1.) Chat in English Language only.
    > Full music videos / Music video clips will be allowed no matter what language it is.
    > Non-visual songs (mp3) in other language with or without English versions are fully allowed.
    > Commentary videos / Video gags and other forms of video entertainment that contains other language than English is not allowed unless it contains English Subtitles.
    > Articles / Images that contains other language than English is not allowed as well unless it has English Translation in the same link.

    • Vernacular words from your native language used to address or answering someone as a sign of respect is allowed. (E.G. Ate, Kuya, Po, Opo, Pare, Mare [Filipino], Amiga, Amigo [Spanish], Name-Han, Name-Chan [Japanese], etc.)
    • Vernacular words from your native language used as mode of greeting and farewell is allowed. These are limited to:

    > Saying "Hi/Hello and Goodbye"
    > Saying "Good Morning, Good Day, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening"

    • Special Characters such as , alt-codes and characters aside from the basic keyboard characters and symbols are not allowed.

    2) Use appropriate language and do not instigate fights. [Rule 1 from the ZhyperMU Forum Rules Applies].
    3) Limit yourself to a maximum of 5 messages in a row. This is done to prevent flooding and spamming.
    4) Do not use the Chat Box to buy and sell items in-game. There is a Market Section in our forums for that purpose. Posting links connected to the Any Market Section will be considered as marketing regardless of who is the Thread Starter.
    5) Do not use BB Codes other than the one given by the Chatbox panel. These codes include: attaching images, modifying size fonts, or any other type of code that does not fit in one line of regular text. However, quotes are allowed to be posted, as long as they are not abused.

    Chat Box Banning Duration:

    1. Foreign Language= 2 hours
    2. Use of other BB than the one provided = 15 hours
    3. 6 messages in a row= 24 Hours
    4. Using Chat Box for Market Purposes= 24 Hours
    5. Spamming(Senseless repetitive posts)= 24 Hours
    6. Flaming/Insulting= 24 hours(depends on the gravity of issue)
    7. Extreme flaming, racism and insulting OR attacking ZhyperMU Staff = 1 week
    8. Advertising other servers = 1 week
    9. Posting porn = 1 month + profile infraction
    10. Inappropriate content (video/images/external site) = 2 - 7 Days + profile infraction.

    Breaking any part of these rules will result in a ban from Chatbox. If you can't correct your behavior, you may be permanently banned from the Chat Box.

    All the Best,
    ZhyperMU Team
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