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Thread: SOTW Proof Guide

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    SOTW Proof Guide

    That is a way to keep the psds for your selfs without the danger of anyone of the team stealing them or something and it will not allow someone to join with just a psd he downloaded from somewhere else. It has been decided to follow this way after some suggestions inside and outside the team so I think the majority of the GFXers here would agree.
    Still though SSes can easily be edited so if there is something that doesn't make sense in your proof or we see you have edit it with intention to fool us you will be disqualified and according to how serious the case is you may lose the right to join any more events.

    How it works :

    When you finish your entry you MUST NOT CLOSE IT. This is very important if you close it the history will be lost and you will have to make it again from the beginning.

    So the first thing you must do is make the layers and history windows as big as possible. I trust anyone with enough experience at photoshop to take part in the events know how to do that.

    Then go to your background layers and hide some of them so the background will be invisible or even better like the example. Also make sure you have hide any applied image you have. That is to make sure you haven't just edit the SS and put the ripped entry in it and that the layers really belongs to that psd.

    Then scroll the layers to show half of the hidden background layers and half of those after them still visible. That means there shouldn't be only the hidden layers of the background at the SS or only those visible but both.

    Last thing scroll the history to the beginning of it showing the first actions made.
    Then take a screen shot and save it as png. (to take screen shot press the "Print Screen Sysrq" button and then press Ctrl+V to paste it in windows paint, photoshop or any other image edit program.)

    Here are some examples :

    With the History Open, Hide the layers of your work. Only one layer to be visible and that is the render.
    then scroll it until the middle then Print Screen


    Another one:

    Showing all Layers visible with the History Open.

    Note that I have just reopen this psd so there is no history, to yours there must be history so be careful don't close the psd before you take the proof SS.
    That way will start from sotw 39 and on. For sotw 38 we will keep the old way, sending psds.

    I'll leave this thread open so you ask any questions if you have about anything you haven't understand since this way is a bit complicated but do not spam here.

    To make sure your history is long enough to keep your actions go :
    Edit > Preferences > performance > History & Cache > History States
    And make it 100 or more.

    Ok guys since many of you don't get it like that here it is in simple steps :

    1. Make your entry but DO NOT close photoshop yet.

    2. Make the layers and history windows as big as possible.

    3. scroll the history window at your first actions.

    4. Hide some of the background layers and any applied images at your layers

    5. Scroll the layers window so it can show some of those hidden background layers and some of the render's/effects layers that are not hidden.

    6. Take the screen shot.(press Print Screen SysRq, open the windows paint and press CRTL+V, then save as)

    7. upload that screen shot and send me the link for it. ( click the upload image. when it's done use the send the link of the proof acording the entry format)

    Credits goes to sir darkylord for the GUIDE
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