View Full Version : [Valhalla] BabySheng / Hazards

16-01-2018, 09:21 PM

Probably when you will log ingame you'll get a big surprise.
Consider it as belated Christmas "gift".
Your APPU+13 were DELETED!

GM Kodeh contacted you several times regarding those accessories, you could simply surrender those to him and we could replace it with APPU+0 as I gave to everyone months ago. But instead you decided to hide those, to pass it from one account to another, delete characters just to keep those hidden from our eyes. Guess what? That's impossible!

Since you ignored all warnings coming from GM Kodeh, while he did spent his precious time on your case, you won't get any exchange APPU for those. When we ask to surrender X items which its prohibited, do it, otherwise you'll support the consequences as now.
You had a simple option: surrender APPU+13 for normal ones, normal trade, case closed.
Instead you went into an exploit and tried hard to sell those even on Facebook.

NOTE: In case you guys know anyone inside Valhalla server having/using/selling this kind of accessories, APPU+13, kindly message me here in forum or email me at [email protected] otherwise you can contact GM Kodeh ingame anytime you wish.
Under any circumstances DO NOT BUY those accessories via trade/RMT.
Once caught the items will be DELETED.

Kind regards,
Community Manager GLAMOUR